CherryT Recipient Application 2023

Please complete this application to be considered the beneficiary for the upcoming CherryT Ball Drop. To apply, your nonprofit must operate in the 5-county area and address the issue of food insecurity. Individual nonprofits may apply. Joint applications will not be accepted. If a joint application is submitted our team will reach out and request that each individual nonprofit apply for the gate donation proceeds.

Please have all needed items before completing this form, as it cannot be saved and returned to later. The following items are required:
  • A document that contains your nonprofit's mission statement, a description of the history of your nonprofit, and the answer to the following question: How would this gift (usually around $10,000) benefit your nonprofit while addressing food insecurity?
  • This document should be uploaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/dlKGKMYbfxxc7Uzuuh...
A requirement of receiving this gift is providing 20 volunteers to help with the gates, security and tear down of this event. Your nonprofit organization will receive all gate donations directly plus online donations gathered during this fundraising campaign.

All Applications are due by Thursday October 12, 2023

NonProfit Info

Contact Information

Volunteer Commitment

We ask that a prospective recipient of the CherryT Ball Drop provide volunteers to assist with execution of the event. We estimate the following volunteers needs:

  • 3 to 4 volunteers on each of the 3 gates. These volunteers collect the donations for your nonprofit and these funds go directly to you
  • 4 to 6 to assist with security gates
  • 20 to help with the tear down and clean up with the event (can be the same volunteers that are working the entrance gates and volunteer gates)
Estimated volunteer times are 10pm to 1am.

Additional Information

Has your organization received funds from the CherryT Ball Drop before?

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